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My name is Christine, born on 1986 (I’m 31 now), mother of a lovely daughter, Tala (she's 4 now), and wife of an accomplished symphonic music composer, Ramz Sabry Samy.

I am Egyptian, graduated from the French University in Egypt with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Management, I then studied in the University of Nantes in France and had my Master's degree in Information Systems Applied to Management (M.I.A.G.E). After that I worked as an assistant in my faculty and a computer teacher at my high school. Later I worked for Hewlett and Packard, having a well remunerated job and career ahead.

I was very good at what I was doing, and I hated it!

It was never what I loved to do, it is just that I never knew what is it that I love to do!?

I tried many things, on a hobby and semi-professional scale (fashion designing, faire-part designing, photography, choir singing, playing music, counseling, I even published a book! ...)

Things I love a lot! But none was THE thing!

Until I discovered that my passion for cooking and baking wasn't at the level of a common housewife...

I loved it, got addicted to it, got creative with it, and before I knew it, at work I was the food expert that anyone with a food related question would go to.

So I dropped everything and started my own small project from home 5 years ago.

Believe it or not all my past experiences in the different domains came all together to be useful in what I am doing now: my management and computer background, my photography and designing skills... just everything!

I took things seriously and I studied an online course with the University of Hong Kong for Sciences and Technology, called “The Sciences of Gastronomy”. Later I studied the fundamentals of nutrition through an online course offered by the Stanford University. Apart from these courses, my knowledge comes from researching, studying books and online articles, internet, experience, experimenting, and trial and error.

the career shift didn't seem easy or logical to almost everyone except my parents and husband - Thank God i had their support -. I heard comments like: "Are you leaving your career in which you are excelling to make kobeiba and sambousak at home?". People didn't really see the vision I had. I wasn't able to see the whole picture either. I just had a dream and, on a regular day with no thunder, I decided to follow it regardless of any obstacles (financial downgrade for starters).

The truth is, every day I felt prouder of myself, never had a moment of regret, and above all I am happy.
People started seeing things through my eyes gradually and I have helped food-educating a lot of my friends and family members, who now support me and my work more than ever.

The dream was launched but it doesn't have limits... after few years, one day on a Christmas gathering where everyone shared their wish for the coming year I said: "I want to have a store this year!", the idea sounded ridiculous at the beginning because none of us have the financial resources or experience for such a thing.
Yet you know what happens when you follow your dream and put all your positive energy in this; The Secret Works!

Things started to happen and before we even realized it, a store was indeed opened in Merghany st.

This article is being written weeks before the opening, so I cannot tell how things went yet. However i am sure - out of experience from the last years - that everything will go super well!

To sum up this, life is too short to live it like we don't want to, learn to follow your dreams no matter how things seem unrealistic, and go for it, sincerely, with all your resources. It sounds crazy, but my husband and I have tried it in almost everything, not only work, and it has been working great with us!.